A system of inequalities is graphed below. The variable x represents the number of cans someone is buying, and y represents the number of bottles. Conditions on the maximum amount of total weight and volume lead to two of the inequalities.Which descriptions correspond to solutions of this system?7 cans and 140 bottles12 cans and 40 bottles8 cans and 120 bottles9 cans and 70 bottles

Accepted Solution

we have that
We will analyze each case to verify the answer
see the attached figure

Point A) 7 cans and 140 bottles------------> (x,y)=(7,140)----> is not solution
Point B) 12 cans and 40 bottles------------> (x,y)=(12,40)----> is not solution
Point C) 8 cans and 120 bottles------------> (x,y)=(8,120)----> is a solution
Point D) 9 cans and 70 bottles------------> (x,y)=(9,70)-------> is a solution

the answer is
the solutions are
8 cans and 120 bottles
9 cans and 70 bottles