Beth read a total of 12 books over 7 months.If Beth has read 84 books so far, how many months has she been with her book club?Solve using unit rates.

Accepted Solution

She has been with her book club for 49 months.Step-by-step explanation:Books read = 12 booksTime period = 7 monthsTherefore, 12 books = 7 months1 book = [tex]\frac{7}{12}\ months[/tex]    Books read so far = 84 booksTotal time period = x84 books = x months1 book = [tex]\frac{x}{84}\ months[/tex]Using both unit rates;[tex]\frac{x}{84}=\frac{7}{12}\\x=\frac{7}{12}*84\\x=\frac{588}{12}\\x=49\ months[/tex]She has been with her book club for 49 months.Keywords: Unit rates, multiplicationLearn more about multiplication at:brainly.com/question/10699220brainly.com/question/10703930#LearnwithBrainly