Read the word problem. Cate has 10 dolls. Shelayna has 3 times as many dolls as Cate. How many more dolls does Shelayna have compared to Cate? What operations are needed to solve this word problem, and in what order should they be used? addition and subtraction, in that order addition and division, in that order division and subtraction, in that order multiplication and subtraction, in that order

Accepted Solution

Cate has 10 dolls and since Shelayna has 3 times the number of dolls
Therefore to find how many dolls Shelayna has we have to first multiply 10 * 3
Thats 30 dolls
Then we have to find how much more Shelayna has compared to Cate, for this we need to find the difference between the number of dolls they both have.Β 
To find differences we have to subtract the number of dolls Cate has from the number of dolls Shelayna has, thats 30 - 10 = 20
Therefore the operations are multiplication and subtraction in order